Birthday – MYKO HOTEL & Convention Center Makassar


Another year around the sun is always something that needs a celebration! Birthday is always a celebration of milestones you achieve in life.

In this special occasion, surrounded by family, friends and your loved ones you want to share the laughter and memories. One can’t go wrong to celebrate in MYKO Hotel & Convention Center. Our restaurants provide not only tasty food and beverages, but also the athmosphere of warmth and togetherness. You may focus on being the center of attention on your birthday celebration!
Hana restaurant’s VIP Blossom is equipped with karaoke facility. Private room for 50 – 70 pax where you can enjoy singing or listening to your chosen music. When you need a privacy, d’Olea is ready to accomodate your needs. You can enjoy the 360 degrees view of Makassar city from 23rd floor with minimum reservation of 100 pax.
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