The Fig Tree Restaurant – MYKO HOTEL & Convention Center Makassar

The Fig Tree Restaurant

Dining Room

  • Cuisine : Nusantara & South East Asian
  • Breakfast (Buffet) : 6:00 AM – 10:00 AM
  • Weekend (Buffet) : Friday to Sunday (6:00 PM – 10:00 PM)
  • For reservations please call : 0411 – 467 3999 or 0821 877 88 877
Explore the robusting elements of colonial western touch, just to mention, our chef’s retro battered crisp chicken chop, one of our favorites from the range of our comfort crafted ala carte selections. The fig tree promises much in experiencing the heritage flavours that our fine brigade of chefs brings from the past.

Dinghao Signature

Dinghao Signature is located next to The Fig Tree restaurant on the second floor of MYKO Hotel & Convention Center. It provides delicious Asian cuisine to fulfill your appetite. Dinghao Signature is definitely your signature choice when it comes to taste of Asia!

D’Olea Restaurant

Let yourself savour the Western and European cuisine by our Award Winning Chefs at D’Olea Restaurant, the highest restaurant in Makassar! Experience dining beneath the cloud, with panoramic 360° unblocked view of Makassar city. Combination of Classic French accent from the interior gives this restaurant a touch of glamorous fine dining experience.

Hana Restaurant

Please your tongue with East Asian Fusion delicasies in one of our restaurant. Enjoy the culinary sensation to the next level with premium quality ingredients by our notable chefs. Suki, our signature dish, not only esthetic, but also makes you addicted. You can also enjoy our variety of dimsum that made wholeheartedly.


What is the best way to start your day? Start it with a cup of coffee! We understand that and therefore we introduce you our range of best coffee selection. MYKO Café brings you more than just coffee, it brings you a lifestyle where you may enjoy your sip of coffee and let the ideas flow. It is open for 24 hours so whenever you need a cup of perfectly brewed coffee, we are here to serve you!

UVA Rossa

UVA Rossa is a perfect place for you who seek tranquil and relaxing atmosphere in exclusive sensation. Enjoy a cup of freshly brewed chamomile flowers that can make you relax. Chamomile tea is a perfect match with a slice of Opera Cake. Dark chocolate layer in every bite feels like bursting in flavour. If you want something to awaken your senses, try a cup of cappuccino with freshly brewed roasted premium local coffee beans with milk.


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